Press Release, Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) coming to Beaugency and Bourges

Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) is an 18 months long artistic co-creational project. The project is a collaboration between 4 cities: Roskilde in Danemark (WoWiWo), Lviv in Ukraine (the public library), Cosenza in Italy (Associazione Oltrezona) and Beaugency in France (les fous de bassan). The next phase is about to be rolled out in France, Beaugency and Bourges, from november, 28 to december, 9 – 2023.

You can meet the artists, contribute to and experience the art in three places :

-Wednesday 29th of november 2023, at 20:30, Théâtre le Puits-Manu, Beaugency for a meeting between the ARTWP team and the public collecting stories of war and peace.

-Friday the 8th of december 2023, at 15:00, Place etienne Dolet, Bourges for a presentation of works in progress in the public space

-Saturday the 9th of december 2023, at 15:00, Place du Martroi, Beaugency for a presentation of works in progress in the public space


The partners represent smaller cities, all of them at a distance from their capitals. Although they have often collaborated one with another on artistic projects over the last 23 years, they agreed – in reaction to the on-going war in Ukraine – that there was an urgent need to work, for the first time, on a shared project during which all partners would reflect, and reflect upon, not only this specific war, but the very concept of war – and our shared ambition for peace.

ARTWP is thus conceived as a digital art development project, in which stories are gathered from those who are (or have been) in the midst of war, as well as those seeing war from the “outside”. During 4 x 2- week workshops in each city the gathered stories will be developed as Augmented Reality Tales (ART), with 12 experienced artists, 12 young volunteer artists and up to 600 local citizens working together using AR, text, music, animation, visual art, video and sound.

The artworks will be placed on large squares or public spaces in the four cities. The public will be invited to – with the help of our geolocation augmented reality app – to discover these works on the abomination of war and the need for peace and everything in between on your smartphone or tablet.

The war, as we all know, is not over yet, but we still have our weapons – our words and our art – in our hands, in our hearts and in our souls. It has never been more important than today to meet around our common humanity. And it is precisely in such situations that art can play not only an important role but, hopefully, a pivotal role.

Peter Bensted, WoWiWo

Artistic director, ARTWP


The project is supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and New Democracy Fund runs from 1 April 2023 to the end of September 2024 (18 months).


September 4-15, 2023: Workshop in Roskilde, Denmark

From November 28 to December 9, 2023: workshop in Beaugency and Bourges, France

February 14-24, 2024: Workshop in Cosenza, Italy

May 13-25, 2024: Workshop in Lviv, Ukraine (to be confirmed)

Spring, Summer 2024: Symposium in Lviv, Ukraine (subject to change)


At the end of each period, a public presentation of the artworks is held.


You can read more on our webpage:


Contact (English)

Artistic Directoror of ARTWP

Peter Campbell Bensted

+45 26292977


In French

Magali Berruet

Responsible for artistic projects in the organisation: les fous de bassan !

+33 614763055


We would be delighted to welcome you between November 28th and December 9th (until December 3rd in Beaugency, then in Bourges, and on December 9 in Beaugency again). We remain at your disposal to facilitate your questions or for any other matter.


We look forward to sharing this project with you.


Yours sincerely,


Magali Berruet

les fous de bassan!

59 avenue de Vendôme – BP 113

45190 Beaugency

02 38 44 95 95 / 06 14 76 30 55