). Shoï has worked as a musician and artist since 1989. Among many things, he has worked with spoken words, festivals, as a music curator, done sound conferences on music history, industrial-experimental noise improvisations and soundtracks (films, theatre, exhibitions). He plays solo and with various formations according to the form of projects and meetings, including improvisations. Use field recordings to create databases of original sounds, sampling, and generating atmospheres with organic tones. His music can be described as a movie without images, leading through a succession of landscapes.
Shoï / sound designer

Shoï has worked as a musician and artist since 1989, with everything from spoking word to industrial-experimental noise improvisations and soundtracks. He uses field recordings to create atmospheres with organic tones.

Kateryna Mikhalitsyna/ Poet

Kateryna is an Ukrainian writer, translator, literary editor, columnist, member of the Ukrainian PEN, and a volunteer. Award winning author of more than 20 books for children and several collections of poetry.

Gianpaolo Palumbo / Virtual scenographer

Specializes in multimedia languages and is involved in video mapping and virtual scenography. He has created set designs for theatrical shows and live performances

Rostyslav Kuzyk / Poet, writer, translator, and performance artist

Author of the poetry book At the End of the Light (2023). Translator of the poetry book Entering the Forest (2024) by Polish poet Paulina Pidzik.

Author and host of the podcast Poets. Poetesses. War. Author of four audio poetry albums. Co-founder of the few performative poetry projects and of the art festival Warhola.

Keith Lim / Digital artist

Keith has for 20 years been combining Computer Science, Psychology and Performing Arts in an interdisciplinary investigation of developing human potential in the context of technology. He is driven by the fusion of new technologies with immersive and somatic practices to create immersive interactive experiences.

Magali Berruet / Musician

Magali has worked for many years with theatre as a performer, musician, director and singer.

Francesco Vitari/ Musician

Francesco is a talented musician and socio amministratore at iSound – an academy and garage, where he shares his passion for sound with many students

Anastasyia Avramchuk / Illustrator

Anastasyia Avramchuk is an Ukrainian visual artist and graphic designer. She created a number of covers and illustrations for theological books. She teaches art and creativity for children. Her contribution to the co-creation of Augmented Reality Tales will be illustration/visuals.

Susan Di Bona
Mario Lo Polito / multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger

Classical musical student, he graduated in “Drums and Jazz Percussion” and he is continuing his specialist studies in “Composition for Jazz Orchestra”.

More than 15 years of work- experience in live music, teaching, recording studio, and music production.

Currently a music teacher at three academies and sessions in many different projects from “Jazz to Punk-Rock” which allow him to tread stages throughout Europe.

Jakob Fälling / Visual journalist

Fälling documents, investigates and disseminates stories by working journalistically with drawings. He has worked with narrative non-fiction for 20 years, as a teacher at the Danish Journalist School, author and more.

Malou Bumbum / Digital artist

Malou is educated from the Danish Journalist School/Royal Dutch Academy of Art (Hague) as a fictional photographer/film-maker. She has exhibited and worked all over the word with exhibitions/residencies in amongst others London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Thailand and Romania.

Andy Kraft / Visual Artist

Kraft’s exhibitions are often taking the form of scenographies or installations allowing the spectator to receive his work as a form of proposal, since he is himself present at the exhibitions to offer spaces for discussion. He is very engaged in the relational aspect of art, and participatory practices.