In a unique union of artists from different countries and artistic backgrounds, a dialogue unfolded, driving innovation and creating a new artistic landscape. A wide range of skills, experiences, perspectives, and understandings of art and the theme of war and peace had to be translated into a audience experience that could welcome reflection and open perspectives on war and peace through AR.

Creating augmented reality (AR) art within this theme is not just about mastering technical skills but also about a personal journey through collaboration and understanding. Artists move together through layers of reflection and understanding, providing deeper insight into the complexity of the theme.

Throughout the working process, artists navigated through different dynamics, from intense discussions to moments of shared understanding and collaboration. This journey has been challenging but also enriching, leading to the creation of innovative AR artworks that transcend the boundaries of traditional art.

An interdisciplinary collaboration brought together established artists in illustration, sound design, music, dance, poetry, literature, and digital art from different parts of the world. Together, they created AR works that not only speak to the audience but also invite them to participate in the experience and reflections. This has required not only technical skill but also the ability to translate traditional artistic expressions into the digital world.

Collaborating with local citizens in the initial sessions has contributed to the process, with new ideas and perspectives enriching the works. For the artists, it has been a challenging yet rewarding journey to navigate through co-creation, embrace new digital platforms, and transform artistic visions into reality in public spaces.