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Public Symposium
Date: Friday, 7. May 2024
Location: Byen Hus, Roskilde

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Follow the ARTWP journey, creating Augmented Reality art as we travel to four different countries in Europe gathering stories of war and peace.

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Unraveling the spiral of war and peace

In the intricate tapestry of human history, the spiral serves as a powerful metaphor, depicting the cyclical nature of conflict and tranquility. Within this spiral lie the stages of war and peace, each marked by distinct emotions, actions, and consequences. As viewers...

Augmented reality as a tool for Artivism

Augmented Reality (AR) has allowed art to engage with public spaces in new ways. By adding digital elements to the physical world, AR opens up an entirely new form of art activism, giving artists a voice in the fight for a just and democratic city. At the same time,...

Artistic community in ARTWP

In a unique union of artists from different countries and artistic backgrounds, a dialogue unfolded, driving innovation and creating a new artistic landscape. A wide range of skills, experiences, perspectives, and understandings of art and the theme of war and peace...

War and peace in all its complexity

Why did we start it? We, as artists, felt a deep commitment to using our creative abilities in times of conflict and chaos, to help navigate through them. Art has a unique power to convey complex realities and translate them in a way that speaks to everyone, while...

Rostyslav Kuzyk: A Multifaceted Artistic Voice in the World of Poetry

In an exciting development, Rostyslav Kuzyk has been invited to participate in the Augmented Reality Tales of war and peace project. He is taking the place of Ostap Slyvynsky in the future sessions, This innovative project aims to merge the worlds of art and...

The Steering-group steering things up in Cosenza

7th-9th of January the ARTWP steering group met in Cosenza to look at the different settings for the Cosenza sesssions. The Italian team of Renato, Natale, Mario and Francesco hosted the meeting and showed us around the new and historic town of Cosenza. We hope to...

Two weeks in Beaugency and Bourges

First of all we want to congratulate our freinds in Bourges for being chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2028. You might think that 2 weeks is a long time to be at the sessions, but we get so passionate about the creations, and believe us, problems to solve...

Press attention in Beaugency –

  Les Fous de Bassan are busy these weeks with shows, events and Augmented Reality Tales of war and peace, where 15 European artists are visiting Beaugency this week. Les Fous de Bassan font la fête... et plus encore - Mag'CentreMagcentre  

Press release – ARTWP, Augmented reality artworks in the service of peace

We would be delighted to welcome you between November 28th and December 9th (until December 3rd in Beaugency, then in Bourges, and December 9th in Beaugency again). We remain at your disposal to facilitate your visit or for any other question (the precise work...

Press Release, Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) coming to Beaugency

Press Release, Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) coming to Beaugency and Bourges Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) is an 18 months long artistic co-creational project. The project is a collaboration between 4 cities: Roskilde in Danemark...

The sessions in Cosenza went fast and well. It could be felt, that we are getting closer at being able to communicate our ARTWP project to an audience, and the press. See examples of the press coverage in Cosenza below.

Taking Our Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace to Cosenza: Bridging Borders Through Art

In this for all transformative journey, Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) ventures to Cosenza from February 14th to 24th. Artists representing our four partner organizations from across Europe: Roskilde in Denmark (WoWiWo), Lviv in Ukraine (Lviv Municipal Library), Cosenza in Italy (Associazione Oltrezona), and Beaugency in France (les fous de bassan!) are looking forward to meeting for the third time in Cosenza.

The theme of war and peace has been up for a lot of dialogue and reflections since we left Beaugency. The dichotomy of war and peace serves as the thematic heartbeat, symbolizing the eternal struggle between chaos and harmony, destruction and creation. Amidst the crucible of conflict, nations grapple with the brutality of war, leaving lives shattered and landscapes scarred. In contrast, peace emerges as a sanctuary, fostering growth, understanding, and shared humanity. This powerful duality underscores the profound impact of human choices—between aggression and diplomacy, hostility and conciliation—a stark reminder that the pursuit of peace remains an eternal aspiration transcending borders and ideologies.

The ARTWP journey to Cosenza involves 12 artists from Ukraine, Denmark, France, and Italy who are prepared to embark on the creation of digital artworks that delve into the abomination of war and the imperative for a deeper understanding of humanity. These artworks will be presented and interacted with by the people of Cosenza, providing a unique opportunity for engagement and reflection.

As the artists pack their bags, the anticipation builds for 12 days of artistic exploration in the captivating city of Cosenza. Nestled in the southern Italy’s Calabria region, Cosenza is a living canvas of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the ancient marvels of the Cosenza Cathedral and the Swabian Castle to the enchanting historic center hailed as an “open-air museum,” the city promises a rich tapestry of experiences.

Surrounded by the majestic Sila and Aspromonte mountains, Cosenza offers a picturesque backdrop, with the Crati River meandering through its historic streets. The presence of the University of Calabria adds a dynamic, youthful energy to the city, creating an atmosphere ripe for artistic collaboration and cultural exchange.

Culinary delights, cultural events, and civic engagement are woven into the fabric of Cosenza, promising an immersive experience for both artists and residents. Allthough the will spend most of their time with their head in the computers, there will be time to enjoy the place. As the digital artworks come to life, they will resonate with the city’s essence, echoing the universal pursuit of peace amid the shadows cast by the tumultuous echoes of war.

In bringing ARTWP to Cosenza, the collaboration transcends geographical boundaries, forging connections through the language of art. This initiative exemplifies the transformative power of creativity, fostering dialogue, understanding, and the shared ambition for a more peaceful world. Cosenza becomes not just a destination but a canvas upon which the collective dreams and reflections of artists and citizens intertwine, creating a tapestry of hope and possibility.

10th of October 2023: Preparing the workshop in Beaugency and Bourges

The steering group of ARTWP met with partners of and artists from Les Fous de Bassan in Beaugency. They went exploring the public and work spaces for the next workshop end november. The weather was really good and the cities welcomed us with open arms, showing us the best of this region. We enjoyed hearing more of the Les Fous de Bassan´s work as well of future plans, while getting the structurefor the workshop finished.

17th of September 2023: Second week update!

The second week of the ARTWP project development when by fast, while the ARTWP’ers worked on their augmented stories to be ready for Fridays presentation. The team found themselves on steep learning curves batteling both the technology and their own barriers of developing their art as augmented reality. They enjoyed working cross-disciplinary getting new insights to their artworks and when Friday came, a preliminary showcasing of the artworks in the public space of Sct. Hans Square in Roskilde, Denmark.

10th of September 2023: First week update!

The first week of the ARTWP project development has already gone by, and the hard-working ARTWP’ers are tired, but totally energized – and will, after a short rest this weekend, be so ready for next week’s work! It was indeed a powerful first few days, with plenty of steep augmented reality (AR) learning curves for the artists, and lots of vital and relevant meetings about “war and peace” with local Roskilde citizens – young and old. We already now have the beginnings of several important, and potentially universal, co-created augmented reality tales of war and peace, and for this we give thanks to all the contributors.

30th of august 2023: ARTIST CHANGES

In just a few days the artists will start arriving in Copenhagen Airport, for the first ARTWP session in Roskilde, and we’re more than excited to see all the preperation and planning come into reality – both the real kind and the augmented!

For this sessions however there has been a few changes in the participating artists from Italy and Ukraine, and we will be joined by Sophia Lenartovych (UKR) substituting for Kateryna Mikhalitsyna, Valerio (IT) substituting for Susan diBona, Oleh (UKR) substituting for Ostap and Aldo (IT) substituting for Salvatorre.


Sophia Lenartovych (UKR)

Sophia Lenartovych (UKR)

Writer, artist, and performer

Born in 2001, in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sophia will be substituting Kateryna Mikhalitsyna for the first ARTWP session in Roskilde. Her poetry and prose were translated into English, German, and Lithuanian. Sophia’s poetry films were presented at international festivals in the USA, Greece, and Mexico.

Sophia is a participant in the artistic project “Between Sirens: Poetry and Music” as part of the concert series “Muses are not silent” by the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic and in a series of literary events by the PEN Ukraine. She is also a participant in the festival-workshop for young authors called “Propysy” by PEN Ukraine.

Aldo Mella (IT)

Aldo Mella (IT)

Musician, double bass and electric bass player, arranger and composer.

Aldo Mella (musician (double bass and electric bass player, arranger and composer). He has a long experience as a musician (he is my age) and above all he is a musician who often collaborates with Susan and Salvatore (in fact Susan and Salvatore are very happy with this choice). We think it could be the best choice because he has the possibility to relate to Susan and Salvatore both before and after the stage in Roskilde.

Oleh Kryshtopa (UKR)

Oleh Kryshtopa (UKR)


Born 1978 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Oleh is in many respects the father of contemporary Ukrainian creative nonfiction. He is the author of eight books of prose, which include novels, creative nonfiction, and collections of literary reportage. In 2013, Oleh was the first winner of the new Samovydets Literary Reportage Award in Ukraine for his travelogue Ukraine: Scale 1:1. He has helped foster and mentor a new generation of journalists in Ukraine, whose goal is to write highly engaging and vivid literary reportage. Oleh’s more recent nonfiction has focused heavily on the war in Ukraine and the country’s war-torn East, though he continues to maintain an informed balance in his depictions of the country enlarge. He is currently a lead correspondent for Ukraine’s 5 Kanal (Channel 5) television station. He lives in Kyiv.

Valerio Massimo Filice (IT)

Valerio Massimo Filice (IT)

Filmmaker, Junior Video Editor, Virtual Set Designer, Musician

Valerio is a young artist who in recent years has collaborated with fellow ARTWP artists, Susan and Salvatore. He works as a freelance filmmaker, Junior Video Editor and Virtual Set Designer. Graduated in Film Production at University fort he Creative Arts (UCA). In his independent productions, he has written and directed several short films, also using animation, which makes him a great fit for the ARTWP project.