We would like to invite you to experience the transnational and interdisciplinary art project “Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace” a.k.a ARTWP on the streets and squares of Roskilde on Saturday 15 June @ 3.30pm. The meeting place is the Old Town Hall (Den Gamle Byrådssal) in Byens Hus, Stændertorvet 1, Roskilde.

The idea behind the ARTWP project arose when Danish and Ukrainian partners met in Denmark during the start of the extensive invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Shocked by the illegal act of war, they felt the need to respond creatively and artistically.

Since the first meeting, ARTWP, with the support of the European Creative Europe Foundation and many national, regional and local foundations, has brought together 18 artists incl. poets, writers, illustrators, musicians, sound artists, video artists and digital artists from Denmark, Ukraine, Italy and France.

The artists have, over a 14-month period, created a series of “augmented reality” (AR) artworks about war and peace. These works of art are now located in the centre of Roskilde (around Stændertorvet) – as well as in the city centres of each of our three partner organisations in Lviv (Ukraine), Cosenza (Italy) and Beaugency (France).
We now invite all citizens of Roskilde to experience the results of our artistic journey, and work with, “augmenting reality”. So come and experience works of art that not only explore – but also reflect, and reflect upon – the horrors of war and our urgent need for world peace.
Augmented Reality Tales of War and Peace (ARTWP) is a collaborative project that brings together artists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. The project is a joint initiative between the Cultural Association WoWiWo from Roskilde (DK), the Municipal Library in Lviv (UA), “Associazone Oltrezona” from Cosenza (IT) and “Les Fous de Bassan!” from Beaugency (FR).
ARTWP is funded by the European Union Creative Europe Fund; The Danish Arts Council/Statens Kunstfond; the Danish New Democracy Fund; Roskilde Kommune/Municipality; Région Centre- Val de Loire/Ministère de la Culture; Regional Directorate of Museums for Calabria/Italian Ministry of Culture; European Union/ Goethe Institute.
Our huge thanks also go to Untold Garden in Sweden for the chance to use the Meadow AR app. – created by artists for artists – and for all their technical and personal support.