Augmented Reality (AR) has allowed art to engage with public spaces in new ways. By adding digital elements to the physical world, AR opens up an entirely new form of art activism, giving artists a voice in the fight for a just and democratic city.

At the same time, AR opens up new forms of interactivity and engagement, where users can directly participate with the artworks and become part of the artistic experience. This creates an opportunity for a more democratic approach to art, where everyone can contribute to and participate in the creation of public spaces.

Through AR, art becomes not just a passive expression but an active agent for change and social justice. Artists can use AR to create a new form of urban politics that challenges power structures and creates space for a more fair and inclusive city. This marks an exciting new era for art activism, where technology and art go hand in hand to create change in our society.

Graffiti and street art have long been symbols of activist art, demanding space in the city to express social messages and criticize established norms. With AR, artists can expand this practice by placing their digital works anywhere in urban spaces, without the possibility of removal. This gives art a strong voice that challenges the existing order and creates new forms of public dialogue and debate.

In times of war, art often becomes a powerful platform for addressing the challenges society faces. Augmented Reality (AR) opens up new opportunities for artivism in times of war by providing artists with a digital canvas to express their views on conflicts and warfare.

By placing digital artworks in public spaces, AR artists can create a virtual narrative about the reality of war and its consequences. This can include everything from interactive stories about the victims of war to virtual memorials for those who have suffered during the conflict.

Furthermore, AR can be used to document the destruction and human suffering of war in a way that goes beyond traditional media formats. By collecting and sharing stories from conflict zones, AR artists can raise awareness about the humanitarian crises that arise during war.

Artivism through AR in times of war is not only about raising awareness but also about creating change. In this way, AR becomes not only a tool for talking about war but also a tool for working towards a more peaceful and just world. Artivism through AR can be a strong voice in the fight against conflicts and human rights violations.