During the sessions in Roskilde the 12 artists from Denmark, Ukraine, France and Italy collected stories about war and peace from locals. They chose different stories to turn into augmented reality. A team of artist cross-disciplanary and cross-countries created this beautiful “net for camouflage” out of clothing elements from the people they met in Roskilde. It´s based in a tale from Ukraine, that tells the story of, how a table have changed in Ukraine, from an object gathering people around it for family dinners, to the one remaining object of a destroyed house or a place where the family await their sons and daughters to back come home. The camouflage net is symbolic of a protection of the table, to remind us the war will end, and again there will be laughter and conversations about war and peace around the table. We can all ask the question of what a table is to us no matter what country we live in.

Anastasya Avramchuk shared the artwork that a team of artists in the project created during the Roskilde sessions on Instagram.