Our ARTWP artists: Andy, Shoï and Anastasiya, shares a story from Roskilde, of how the artists shared process ended up in the creation of the “Camouflage for Peace” digital artwork. The AR artworks are usually co-created in a collaboration between the ARTWP artists, and ideas generated from the engagement with our audience when exploring the theme of war and peace.

While collecting stories in Roskilde, a young man crafted a sandwich from clay and explained that food is a symbol of peace, something that brings people together. But at the same time, food is relevant everywhere, both in times of peace and in times of war… We were deeply moved by this idea and decided to combine it with our own ideas and create an art object – a style covered with a cloth made from pieces of clothing gathered from passersby, just as Ukrainians bring their clothes to create camouflage nets to protect soldiers.

In the pictures below, you can see the journey from meeting a young man and having an idea for an artwork to an digital object that could be experienced in public space through the augmented reality app.