First of all we want to congratulate our freinds in Bourges for being chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2028.

You might think that 2 weeks is a long time to be at the sessions, but we get so passionate about the creations, and believe us, problems to solve and new add-ons keeps appearing as we get inspired from the people and places we meet, so that time just fly by.

Most of our time in France was spent indoors with our computers, it is quite a process to re-think our artforms into augmented reality, it takes a lot of learning new skills and some steep hills to climb. Every time we dialogue or debate, we learn about eachother and the differences in European cultures, we learn new things about our values, our work and of the difficulty of working with the theme of war and peace. Everything grows, and the artworks allready developed since Roskilde.

We value our private time in the cities, but also meeting the people and exploring their stories and the places we are in. We feel so lucky to be in all of these beautiful cities in Europe, meeting polticians, students, other artists, other organisations, The students in Beaugency had done amazing work on war and peace, La Labomedia shared their ideas with us and we loved spending time with our freinds in Les Milles Univers.

And just like that we did 2 presentations of our digital artworks, went home and spent christmas with our families, and after experiencing the christmas decorations in Orleans and Bourges, it felt like a going home for christmas.