In an exciting development, Rostyslav Kuzyk has been invited to participate in the Augmented Reality Tales of war and peace project. He is taking the place of Ostap Slyvynsky in the future sessions, This innovative project aims to merge the worlds of art and technology, providing a platform for artists to create immersive and interactive experiences. The organizers express their enthusiasm in welcoming Kuzyk to this project and look forward to collaborating with him in Cosenza in just 10 days.

Rostyslav Kuzyk is a Ukrainian artist who has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the realms of poetry, writing, translation, and performance art. His diverse body of work, spanning various mediums, showcases a deep engagement with language, culture, and the human experience.

Kuzyk’s poetic journey is marked by a profound exploration of themes that resonate with the complexities of life. His poetry book, “At the End of the Light” (2023), serves as a testament to his ability to weave words into evocative tapestries that resonate with readers. Additionally, his translation work on “Entering the Forest” (2024) by Polish poet Paulina Pidzik exemplifies his commitment to bridging cultural gaps through the power of language.

As an author and host of the podcast “Poets. Poetesses. War.,” Kuzyk extends his artistic reach beyond the written word. Through this platform, he delves into discussions about the intersection of poetry and the socio-political landscape, offering audiences a unique and immersive experience. Furthermore, his four audio poetry albums contribute to the auditory dimension of his artistic expression, inviting listeners into the sonic landscapes of his verse.

Kuzyk’s involvement in various performative poetry projects, including the co-founding of the art festival Warhola, showcases his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic forms. His projects not only engage audiences but also create spaces for dialogue, reflection, and collective artistic exploration.

The acknowledgment of Kuzyk’s talent is reflected in the accolades he has received. Being a recipient of the President of Ukraine’s scholarship for young artists (2023-2024) is a testament to his contributions to the cultural landscape. His victory in the All-Ukrainian Poetry Contest Haivoronnia (2016) further solidifies his standing as a prominent voice in the Ukrainian literary scene.

Kuzyk’s impact extends beyond the borders of Ukraine. Representing Lviv in the international project “Read the World of Reykjavik, the City of Literature” in Iceland (2018) demonstrates his global reach and recognition. Additionally, his residency in the Białowieża Forest (Poland, 2023) and the Oleh Lysheha Residency (Ukraine, 2023) highlight his commitment to cross-cultural collaboration and artistic exploration.

The global footprint of Kuzyk’s work is evident in the diverse publications that have featured his poems. Anthologies like “Among the Sirens” (2023) and magazines such as “Wizje” (Poland, 2022), “Europski Glasnik” (Croatia, 2022), and “Nekudataim” (Israel, 2022) bear witness to the international recognition of his artistic prowess.

Kuzyk’s poetry, translated into English, French, Croatian, Polish, and Hebrew, attests to the universality of his themes. Breaking language barriers, his work becomes accessible to a broader audience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Rostyslav Kuzyk’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of words and performance in transcending cultural boundaries. As a poet, writer, translator, and performance artist, he continues to make meaningful contributions to the world of literature and beyond. His participation in the Augmented Reality Tales Project only adds another dimension to his already impressive body of work, promising a future filled with innovative and immersive artistic experiences.