Shoï has been a pioneering musician and artist since 1989, exploring diverse expressions from spoken word to industrial-experimental noise improvisations and soundtracks. His innovative use of field recordings creates atmospheres rich in organic tones, blending natural sounds with his distinctive artistic vision. With decades of experience, Shoï continues to inspire through his eclectic and immersive soundscapes, playing a vital role in shaping the auditory dimensions of the ARTWP project.

Anastasia Avramchuk

Anastasyia Avramchuk is a Ukrainian visual artist and graphic designer acclaimed for her evocative covers and illustrations for theological books. Beyond her artistic achievements, she passionately educates children in the realms of art and creativity. Anastasyia enriches the co-creation of Augmented Reality Tales with her mastery of illustrations and visuals, infusing the project with her unique and sensitive artistic perspective.

Petit Bumba

Educated at the Danish Journalist School and the Royal Dutch Academy of Art, Malou is a formidable visual and digital artist. Her international exhibitions and residencies in cities such as London, Copenhague, and Amsterdam reflect her global experience and artistic depth. Malou’s technical skills and artistic expertise bring a unique perspective to the ARTWP project, enriching it with visually compelling narratives and digital innovation.

Jakob Falling

Jakob Fälling is a seasoned journalist and visual storyteller with two decades of experience in narrative non-fiction. His mastery of digital tools and journalistic approach adds profound depth to the ARTWP project, blending investigative storytelling with visual artistry. Jakob’s contributions illuminate complex themes of war and peace, offering insightful perspectives that resonate deeply with audiences.

Gianpaolo Palumbo

Gianpaolo specializes in multimedia languages and is renowned for his expertise in video mapping and virtual scenography. His innovative set designs for theatrical shows and live performances bring dynamic visual experiences to audiences worldwide. Gianpaolo’s immersive multimedia contributions enhance the artistic impact of the ARTWP project, pushing boundaries and engaging viewers in transformative ways.

Francesco Vitari

Francesco is not only a talented musician but also plays a pivotal role as a socio-administrator at iSound, where he mentors and inspires aspiring musicians. His dedication to fostering creativity and his profound passion for music enrich the collaborative spirit of the ARTWP project, bringing harmony and depth to its artistic endeavors.

Magali Berruet

Magali is a multifaceted artist serving as the artistic director of Les Fous de Bassan Company, while also excelling as a director, actress, and accordionist. Her extensive mastery of creative tools and diverse artistic talents make her an invaluable asset to the ARTWP team. Magali’s visionary leadership ensures innovation across all aspects of the project, enriching its artistic expressions with depth and creativity.

Keith Lim

For 20 années, Keith has pursued an interdisciplinary exploration, blending Computer Science, Psychology, and Performing Arts to uncover human potential within technological contexts. His passion lies in integrating new technologies with immersive and somatic practices to craft interactive experiences that deeply engage participants. Keith’s innovative approach aims to push boundaries and inspire transformative experiences through his work.

Kateryna Mikhalitsyna

Kateryna is a prominent Ukrainian writer, traducteur, éditeur littéraire, journaliste, and member of the Ukrainian PEN, known for her extensive volunteer work. She is an award-winning author of over 20 livres pour enfants et plusieurs recueils de poésie, showcasing her versatile talent and dedication to literature. Her warmth, kindness, and profound words are invaluable assets to our project.

Rostyslav Kouzyk

Rostyslav is a poet, écrivain, traducteur, and performance artist known for his evocative poetry collections and podcast contributions. His deep engagement with poetic expression and performative arts enriches the ARTWP project with profound narratives and poignant reflections on war and its aftermath. Rostyslav’s creative contributions offer a unique perspective on the human experience in times of conflict, fostering empathy and understanding through his art.

Andy Kraft

Kraft’s exhibitions are immersive scenographies and installations designed to engage spectators in discussions. His commitment to the relational aspects of art and participatory practices makes him a valuable addition to the ARTWP project. Andy’s interactive artworks create spaces for dialogue, enriching the project’s exploration of war, paix, and human connection through augmented reality.

Mario Lo Polito

Mario is a classically trained musician specializing in drums and jazz percussion, with over 15 years of experience in live music, enseignement, et production musicale. His role as a music teacher at multiple academies and his diverse musical projects across Europe bring a dynamic musical perspective to the ARTWP project. Mario’s dedication to music education and his versatile skills enhance the project’s auditory landscape, resonating with audiences through his vibrant compositions.

Kateryna Alekseenko

Kateryna is a creative librarian with extensive experience working with young people and digital solutions. Her expertise greatly enriched the ARTWP project, especially in implementing AR artworks for renewal within libraries. Kateryna’s energetic and curious nature makes her an ideal participant for the Beaugency sessions, where she use AR art to tell compelling stories and engage the community.

Sophie Lenartovych

Sophia is a writer, artiste, et interprète. With a background in architecture and urban planning from Lviv Polytechnic National University, she passionately explores cultural heritage through poetry and performance. Sophia’s involvement in ARTWP enriches the first session with her diverse artistic expressions, offering unique insights into themes of war and peace through augmented reality.

Frederik Bang Nielsen


Eléonore Gond

Éléonore akaLéois a remarkable jack-of-all-trades. She delights in infusing poetry into the substance of words as much as into beams of light. She wholeheartedly dedicates herself to projects, approaching them with fervor, determination, and her full range of skillsA true Swiss Army knife! Léo’s poetic sensibilities enrich the multidimensional exploration of the project and its transformative potential.

Dino Pellegrino

Dino is a self-taught visual artist who explores diverse art forms, including analog graphics, sculpture, installation, and performance. His commitment to sustainability is reflected in his use of recycled materials, enriching the ARTWP project with his innovative approach to art-making. Dino’s global influences and artistic research contribute to the project’s visual richness and thematic exploration of war, paix, and environmental consciousness.

Simone Puntillo

Simone is a versatile artist deeply immersed in music, en écrivant, and audiovisual arts. Since 2012, he has passionately crafted songs, performed music, and organized events, enriching his artistic community with vibrancy and creativity. Simone’s sensitivity and dedication to the ARTWP project have made him an invaluable member of the team. His ability to evoke emotions through his music and integrate diverse artistic elements adds depth and richness to the project’s exploration.