Les guerriers de l'amour

In the Roskilde sessions, all the 12 artists went through a lot of reflections about war and peace. Cross-country wise, when artists from Ukraine, Italie, France and Denmark met the people of Roskilde. Cross-disciplinary reflections manifested in personal reflections through illustrations, sculpting, musique, film, photos, storytelling etc, and then combined in different artworks, worked on by the team of artists, to be experienced in augmented reality. Below we added a couple of the love warriors.

In this article the Danish illustrator Jakob Fälling shares his personal reflections behind the artwork called Love Warriors.

The Love Warriors reflect the shock he personally experienced when the war in Ukraine started: He realised that European democracies are facing a military threat that we as persos are unable to take up arms against. For the past 40-50 années, we have preached peace, love, unity, trust, conversation and, to some extent, pacifism. Unfortunately, in the first hectic period of the war, this kind of thing helps very little in the face of aggression such as the Russian one. In Ukraine, men in arms had to defend their country, their families, their freedom. As a humanist, a democrat, a cartoonist, he had no experience with guns, and he doubted whether he would be able to defend his community or family in practical terms. Therefore, the open question is: Can all the love and trust on which our society rests be used in wartime? Can the enormous energy of passion be transformed so that it can also defend humanism and those we love?”

Augmented reality piece: Camouflage for peace

Our ARTWP artists: Andy, Shoï and Anastasiya, shares a story from Roskilde, of how the artists shared process ended up in the creation of theCamouflage for Peacedigital artwork. Le AR artworks are usually co-created in a collaboration between the ARTWP artists, and ideas generated from the engagement with our audience when exploring the theme of war and peace.

While collecting stories in Roskilde, a young man crafted a sandwich from clay and explained that food is a symbol of peace, something that brings people together. But at the same time, food is relevant everywhere, both in times of peace and in times of warWe were deeply moved by this idea and decided to combine it with our own ideas and create an art objecta style covered with a cloth made from pieces of clothing gathered from passersby, just as Ukrainians bring their clothes to create camouflage nets to protect soldiers.

In the pictures below, you can see the journey from meeting a young man and having an idea for an artwork to an digital object that could be experienced in public space through the augmented reality app.

The Roskilde sessions

During the sessions in Roskilde the 12 artists from Denmark, Ukraine, France and Italy collected stories about war and peace from locals. They chose different stories to turn into augmented reality. A team of artist cross-disciplanary and cross-countries created this beautifulnet for camouflageout of clothing elements from the people they met in Roskilde. It´s based in a tale from Ukraine, that tells the story of, how a table have changed in Ukraine, from an object gathering people around it for family dinners, to the one remaining object of a destroyed house or a place where the family await their sons and daughters to back come home. The camouflage net is symbolic of a protection of the table, to remind us the war will end, and again there will be laughter and conversations about war and peace around the table. We can all ask the question of what a table is to us no matter what country we live in.

Anastasya Avramchuk shared the artwork that a team of artists in the project created during the Roskilde sessions on Instagram.